Monday, October 3, 2005

Some Sort of Blog Thing

I’m joining the ranks of the bloggers. I think it’ll make a good addition to the site. I never updated the news much because there’s never all that much news in my life, but sometimes I get the itch to write things that don’t really need a response, so they don’t belong in the forum. So here we go. Hopefully this doesn’t become just another abandoned section of the site.

I do actually have some news, though I hope I’ve gotten the word out to most people by now. My beloved wife, Ruth, is pregnant. The baby is due April 5, and we’ll get to find out the gender in just a few more weeks.

Also, I just got laid off this morning. I hated the job anyway, so my feelings are a little mixed. Right now I’m mostly concerned about having health insurance and an income so that Ruth can quit working before the baby comes. Hopefully I’m not out of work for too long.

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Jonathon Owen


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    Do grad schools accept people for the spring semester? If so, maybe you could look into that?

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    You switched to WordPress? Awesome.

    And: dang, sorry to hear about the job loss. I hope something comes along very soon.

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    Well, you know how full of advice I am. But, when it comes right down to it, I have never been let go at a job. Considering how devastated I get just by not getting hired, I’d say you are doing really well. From what you are sharing, at least.

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    Well, ASB, if I had a business, I’d hire you, because you’re basically the best there is. In fact, I’d hire you AND your spouse because both of you are the best there is. In fact, I’d hire you AND your spouse AND Ambrosia because all of you are the best there is. In fact, why haven’t we already started our own editing company? Oh yeah. Because none of us really knows the whole business end of things, right?

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    Bummer deal on losing the job. Hope you find another one (a better one) soon.

    Have you two started things of baby names, or are you waiting to find out the gender?

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    kojabu: Yes, some programs do allow you to start in spring or summer, so that’s an option. Of course, the bigger issue at the moment is paying for it . . .

    Cicada: Maybe we need to make friends with a businessy-type person. Then we would be an unstoppable force.

    Brozy: We’ve got sort of a list of names, but I think we’re going to wait until we know the gender before we start seriously narrowing down the list.

    Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions, everyone.

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    I think Patrick Owen has a cool ring to it.

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