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The UN Is Trying to Take My Guns Away

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Or so the NRA says. I should know because they just called me to thank me for my past support and to ask me how I would feel if the UN came and took my guns away, which they’re apparently trying to do by pushing a law through Congress that would kill the Second Amendment and make even hunting rifles illegal.

Wait—back up a minute. I’ve never given the NRA money. Well, apparently that’s of no concern, because they’d certainly love to have me start giving them money. So how do I feel about the fact that the UN is trying to destroy my precious Second Amendment?

I try to ignore this brain-bending bit of political nonsense and tell the woman on the phone that I’m not interested, but she insists once again that they’d love to have my support and then starts blathering on some more about how this law is going to go through the House and Senate and wipe out my constitutional rights . . .

And that’s about when I hung up.

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