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Friday, April 11th, 2008

It appears that my iMac at work is toast. We went out to lunch yesterday, and when we got back, my computer refused to wake up all the way. Instead it froze up and gave me a grey screen of death. I guess it was somewhat more aesthetically appealing than a Windows blue screen of death, but it wasn’t any less troubling. I was instructed to restart my computer, which I did.

Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to help anything. It hung on the grey screen (where it usually displays the Apple logo) while making loud clicking noises—the kind that are sometimes produced by broken hard drives. Eventually it displayed an icon of a file folder with a question mark on it.

I tried booting from the OS installation DVD, but it refused to reinstall the OS (probably because of the aforementioned suspected drive failure). It froze when I tried to do a disk repair. Strangely, the hardware diagnostic program said everything was okay. And now it won’t even let me boot from the disc anymore.

So I have no computer, and the IT guy (who admitted that he is not familiar with Macs) who was trying to help me yesterday is gone today. Luckily Cicada is also gone today, and she said I could use her computer. So here I am, trying to be productive and not worry about the possibility that I lost most of a week’s work.


Tell me again how Macs are so superior.

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