Monday, December 19, 2005

U2 and Me

Saturday night, I finally got to check off an item from the List of Stuff to Do Before I Die: I went to a U2 concert. I managed to snag a pair of tickets when they went on sale several months ago—I was ready and waiting on as soon as they became available—and we’ve been waiting anxiously ever since. But then the big night came, and I can honestly say that it was everything I’d hoped it’d be.

Well, okay—not quite. The acoustics in the Delta Center are less than stellar, and our seats weren’t the best (we were about five rows from the top). But since the seating there is so steep, even the nose-bleeds get a good view.

The most notable thing to me was Bono’s voice. Holy crap, can that guy sing. It was especially impressive when he sang Luciano Pavarotti’s part in “Miss Sarajevo.” Wow.

Of course, it would’ve been nice if they had played a few more of my favorite songs—I would’ve loved to have heard “Numb,” “Running to Stand Still,” or “Gone”—but of course you’ve got to play only the most popular ones when you’ve written as many songs as they have.

The only truly disappointing thing—aside from the fact that Snow Patrol didn’t open this show for them—was that the t-shirts were thirty-five bucks apiece. Seriously, they’re making almost as much off of t-shirts as they did off of tickets. Maybe it’s for the best, though; I’ve already got enough t-shirts and probably shouldn’t be frittering away any of my hard-earned cash on more of them.

Still, it would be nice to have a little something to say Yeah, I was cool enough to see them live.

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