Monday, September 10, 2007


I’ve been on a big Scrabble kick recently. A couple weeks ago I found out that you can play Scrabble for free on Facebook, so of course I signed up right away. Now I constantly want to play. We had a department work party last Thursday, so I figured it was a good opportunity to bring my board and play with my coworkers.

Turns out it was more of a good way to ensure that my coworkers will never play Scrabble with me again. Except Cicada, perhaps, but she’s a glutton for punishment. I maintain that it’s their own fault for playing me, of course. They should’ve known better when they saw me walk in with my deluxe edition board and official Scrabble dictionary.

I will admit that sometimes I forget that not everyone takes the game as seriously as I do. It’s not like I read the dictionary every day for fun (well, maybe once or twice a week), but I have memorized most of the two-letter-words list, which comes in quite handy. Yes, I know the definitions of jo, ka, ki, qi, xi, xu, and za.

Some would call me a cheater. Some would also scribble out my score at the end of the game and declare themselves the winner instead, even though they had only half as many points. Well, some are welcome to a rematch whenever they want. I’ll even let them borrow my dictionary and study.

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    I don’t have to do any of those things to beat you. *sticks out tongue*

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    Some got only vowels for the whole freaking game.

    Anyway. I would rematch you. I have also read Scrabble dictionaries and use the two-letter words.

    And after you beat me again, we’ll make sure we’ve left time for a couple good rounds of speed Scrabble.

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    Cicada: Yes, I should note that I got three of the four highest-point letters, while you got virtually nothing but vowels and a few measly one-point consonants. I’m sure it would’ve been a much different game if our racks had been swapped.

    quis: It took me a second to get it, but I remember now. That really was a great way to punctuate your victory.

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