Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back in Utah

As some of you may know, my parents moved to a podunk town in western Nebraska last year. My dad had run into an old coworker of his and found out that his old boss had bought a new dealership out there and wanted someone to be the parts manager. He actually talked them into putting him over both the parts and service departments, so it sounded like it was going to be a great opportunity, even though it meant moving five hundred miles away from their friends and family.

The dealership had been losing tons of money, which is why it was sold in the first place. My dad had a big challenge ahead of him; namely, to help turn the place around with the very limited human resources he had in such a small town. And I guess when things didn’t change as quickly as the owner had hoped, he demoted my dad from parts and service director to parts manager and cut his pay pretty substantially.

But then, miraculously, he got a call from an old coworker of his the same week saying the dealership he was working at (here in Salt Lake) was looking for a parts manager, and would he be interested? So he came out to interview, was offered the job the job, and accepted it all in one day. He said he could start in two weeks. He and my mom listed their house for sale and started packing immediately. They’ll be moved into their temporary place (my great-uncle’s house, which has sat empty for a couple years since he died) this week.

It’s going to be good to have them back around. Having the whole family together at Christmas was great, but it was a little strange. Even though we were all there, and all our family’s stuff was there, it just didn’t feel like it was our house (or rather, my parents’ house). And I don’t think it was simply that I hadn’t grown up in that house, because they moved after I left for college, and their new house didn’t feel strange.

At any rate, I’m glad my dad has a new job, and I hope it turns out better than the last one. And I’m really glad my parents will be back.

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    Good luck to your parents. I hope this job works out better for your dad than the last one did.

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    That’s great. It is always nice having the grandparents close.

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    That’s great! It’s always nice having family close by.

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    Wow, Jon! That’s so exciting.

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    Huh? I thought you knew about all this already.

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    I think she’s just being a bit of a dork.

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