Monday, February 25, 2008


Today I got an e-mail from Brigham Young University saying that a decision had been made regarding my application to the linguistics MA. I was invited to log in to the application site and follow a link to view the decision. Of course, this is a completely awful way to let someone know whether they’ve just been accepted, because they’ve unnecessarily added a few minutes of rather acute anxiety to the process. Especially when the pop-up screen that should display my acceptance letter decides that it doesn’t like Firefox, forcing me to open up Internet Explorer and log in all over again.

Anyway, I finally got the decision letter to come up, and I was pleased to discover that they put the actual decision right there in the first line so I didn’t have to skim through the letter to find it. (Oh, and I was also very pleased at what it said.) So it looks like we’ll be moving back down to Happy Valley in a few months, and I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about that. Of course, that’s where they keep BYU, and BYU’s the only school I applied to (because I was afraid I couldn’t get into a really good PhD program right away, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to a PhD program, either), so I guess there’s really no choice. Well, I suppose I could always commute down there, but I don’t think I could survive that.

All in all, though, I’m very excited to be going back to school. I’m glad that I finally stopped putting it off, because I think it would have bothered me the rest of my life if I had wanted to go but never tried. And I guess I’ll finally have a chance to see if a life in academia is any better than a career as a corporate cubicle monkey.

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Jonathon Owen


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    Great job Jonathon, that’s awesome.

    Tell me again what you’ll be able to do with this master’s degree? Project Management? Content Development? Give me a rundown.

    By the way, I’m not sure if you’re an American Idol watcher, but you looked like the kid that almost made it to the round of 24. You know, the kid with curly hair and looked like a nerd?

    Anyway, good job, mate.


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    Congratulations! That’s fantastic.

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    Well shoot.

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    And yeah, making you go online with IE to check is obscene.

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    congratulations! which area of linguistics, or do you know yet?

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Pat: I might be able to teach, and it might be good for an editing career, but mostly it’ll just prepare me to go on to a PhD so I can teach and research at the college level.

    Cicada: Yeah, sorry about that. But at least it’ll be easier for us to hang out once we move back down there.

    goofy: I haven’t decided yet, but right now I’m most interested in historical linguistics and sociolinguistics.

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    Congratulations Jonathan! I am sad you will be moving back down to Utah Valley. Hey, do you think you could drop that movie off on your way down?

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    Funny you should say that. We keep talking about having you guys over again. Of course, you’d have to bring some of your amazing game collection. :)

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    Games…did you say games? [excited]

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    AWEsome. Personally, I think you’re gonna love being immersed in academia again. I mean, you can only live inside a cubicle for so long.

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