Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home Alone

Early this morning, Brinestone and the kids left with her family to head up to a big family reunion up in Montana. They’ll be coming home Friday night. That means for a whole seven days, I’ll be home all by myself. (Note: I actually hate Celine Dion.)

I was home for a few days by myself after Christmas, when we went out to Nebraska to visit my parents and then she and Lego swung down to Denver to visit her family for a few days. It was kind of a weird experience, because I probably didn’t talk to another human being for two or three days, except when she called.

At least this time I’ll still have school and work to go to all week, so I won’t go completely crazy. It’s still unnerving how quiet it is around here. Lego is a very busy little boy, so even when everything else is quiet, he’s just about always making some kind of noise. But now all I hear is the hum of the fridge and the clack of my keyboard. Maybe I should put some music on. (Especially since now I’ve got that darn Celine Dion song in my head.)

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    Why don’t you come over and watch a movie or something? Consider this an official invite.

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    Wblah bolah blahr bladh!

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