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Friday, September 5th, 2008

I’ve known for many years that I look younger than I really am. Just take a look at this self-portrait from when I was about 16.

Fig. 1: Me at age 16 (or maybe 12).

Unfortunately, the problem has not really gone away as I’ve gotten older. After graduation I grew a goatee, and I think it added a few years to my apparent age. But when I shaved it off to come back to BYU, I realized immediately that I still have a very young-looking face.

Fig. 2: My current baby face.

The other day in one of my classes we went around the room and introduced ourselves. I said that I’d graduated and worked a few years and that I had just come back for a master’s degree. One girl asked how old I am, and when I said that I was 27, she said, “You have such a baby face!” I wasn’t sure how to respond, but she said it was a compliment.

Then today I went to pick up a pizza, and the guy who rang me up asked how old I am. (He was foreign, though I couldn’t tell where he was from—obviously some culture where it’s okay to ask complete strangers how old they are.) When I told him my age, he acted surprised. He said, “You look 20, 21.” Wow. I knew I looked young, but I was still hoping for at least 23 or 24 by now.

I’m sure looking young for your age is a great thing—when you’re at least in your 30s. Maybe I’ll start appreciating such comments in a few more years.

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