Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Because I Really Suck at Posting

I keep telling myself that I’ll get back in the habit of posting regularly, but for some reason it keeps not happening. It just might have something to do with the piles of reading and homework that I have to do every night. And the rest of my time is spent either taking care of kids or avoiding things I should be doing. Whatever the reasons, I have clearly been negligent in my fatherly duty of posting pictures of my adorable children.

Here they are playing on top of their new bunk beds. (Though I should point out that Duplo still sleeps in a crib.)

Here’s Duplo trying on a puppy costume that Brinestone found at a garage sale. He really loves wearing it.

Here are the boys going for a walk one morning. Don’t ask me why Duplo took his shoe off.

Here are my little buddies. And what handsome kids they are, too.

Duplo, Lego 2 Replies to “Because I Really Suck at Posting”
Jonathon Owen


2 thoughts on “Because I <i>Really</i> Suck at Posting

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    Jonathon thanks for posting. I love these pics of the boys. I know you and Ruth are crazy busy parents but what you are doing for your boys is so important.

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    WordPress says my previous comment was too short to post. So I’ll amend it: Your boys are super cute!

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