Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I am officially sick of the weather. It was so sunny and pleasant for a while there, but now it’s just neverending rain. It doesn’t help that the forecast keeps lying and saying that it’ll be nice again in a day or two, but then a day or two later rolls around and it’s still dreary and wet.

It’s frustrating at the moment because I need to work on my car, and the only place I have to work is the gravel driveway (read: mud pit) on the side of the house. I fixed Brinestone’s broken car in the snow because it was a necessity; I generally don’t prefer to lie on my back in the gravelly mud with rain spotting my glasses while trying to dismantle the front end of my car.

And meanwhile, at work, I’m in the middle of the interminable project of posting all of our past publications to our web site. This involves taking dozens upon dozens of Word documents (most of which look fine on the surface but are a formatting mess), converting them to HTML, cleaning up the nightmarish code, and posting them via our content management system. It’s making me realize once again how helpful it would be to know how to program. I could put together some Visual Basic or Javascript that would automate a lot of the steps.

Thankfully I discovered that one of our PCs at work has Dreamweaver CS3 on it (it used to have Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard on it, but recently the computer guys wiped it and then—accidentally, I think—reinstalled Design Premium), which speeds up the HTML clean-up considerably. Still, it takes a long time to clean up and post all those files. Blah.

I’m ready for some real work again.

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