Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Have Really Dumb Dreams

Dreams are supposed to be cool. They’re supposed to be weird and wacky. You’re supposed to wake up and go, “Whoa; that was just bizarre.” Well, not me, apparently. I usually don’t even remember my dreams, so it’s sort of cool when I do. Except when my dreams are utterly lame.

Last night I dreamt about my credit score. Yup. You see, I’ve got a free year subscription to Experian through Microsoft Money, and I check my score rather frequently. I’m pretty anal about all aspects of our finances, and my credit score is no exception. So last night I have this amazing, wacky dream that I’m on my computer, using Money to check my score, and bam! It’s jumped about 90 points (it’s good to begin with, so it was pretty impressive afterwards; actually, I’m pretty sure that credit scores don’t even go that high).

Needless to say, I was very satisfied with my fiscal responsibility. The prospect of getting a really sweet rate on a mortgage was pretty exciting. Actually, I just tell myself that it’s really exciting; I think that if I fully comprehended the sheer dullness of that dream, my goal of becoming a professor of linguistics would shrivel up and die, and my only recourse would be to go into accounting.

And that, my friends, is a truly terrifying dream.

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    Accounting actually isn’t that different from linguistics. You start with your data and you analyze it. But dreaming about that will probably prevent you from going into it. Just like dreaming of being a companion will (among other things) keep me from going into that. My life was extraordinarily complicated last night. What was the episode… I guess it was like the Inarra subplot of Jaynestown.

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    That was actually a rather lame dream, but only from my perspective. My dreams are always bizarre. For example, last night I dreamt I joined the Marine Core, and that part of my training was jumping off the side of a cruise line ship into a pool of boiling water 75 feet below. When I couldn’t accomplish that, I tried again and again, until I was knocked out, and Mary Poppins saved me.

    It gets better.

    My dream then shifted to me taking a break from training and going to a carnival, where Dawn/Celia was atop a pole with a platform, yelling for me to read the subtle messages in her shirt. Which was a Stoned Jedi.

    Then, back to training. I had to dive some more, but I kept hitting the diving board. My drill sargent turned into Coach Carter/Sam Jackson and asked “What do you fear!?” “Failure” “What do you want” “Success”

    I think if I ever dreamt a nice dream like checking my credit history, I’d get some sleep once in a while.

    Heh. Enjoy the normality.

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