Thursday, October 20, 2005

They’re Hiring for My Old Job

I’ve been out of work for two and a half weeks now. The whole editorial department (all three of us) was laid off when there was a sudden budget shortfall. Sadly, it seems that we were some of the highest-paid non-executives there (which ain’t saying much), and it’s easy for people to think that we’re nothing more than sophisticated spell-checkers. Reportedly, we were being outsourced to India. I’ve heard of outsourcing call centers to India, but editing? Get real.

But now there’s a job posting that looks suspiciously like the one that I responded to back in May. I’m pissed, but not so much because I want the job back. I’m upset at the total lack of business etiquette. It’s bad enough that they laid me off first thing Monday morning instead of simply telling me Friday afternoon not to come back, and that Monday was the day my benefits should’ve started. It’s bad enough that they tried to use the promise of a long-overdue raise to bribe my boss to lay off me and my coworker. It’s bad enough that they laid her off, too, the same day—her first day back from vacation.

They reassured me (as with all lay-offs) that it had nothing to do with job performance. If so, why the heck aren’t they contacting me about going back to work for them? Maybe they’ve seen my blog and are well aware that I don’t want it back. Even so, it wouldn’t kill them to make the offer. After all, I originally took the job out of desperation, and we weren’t expecting a baby back then.

I already knew after I left that I didn’t want to go back. This really confirms that, though. I may be an unemployed bum with a baby on the way, but I have standards. I don’t work for backstabbing weasels. Not anymore.

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    Oh wow. That is so frustrating! My blood started to boil when you said “sophistocated spell-checkers” and then you REALLY got me at “out-sourcing to India.” Do they have Chicago in India? I didn’t think so.

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    The idea that we were being outsourced to India was insulting enough. But then they turn around and try to hire new people to fill the positions? If they couldn’t afford our already-low wages, how little are they going to pay these new people?

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    Also interesting that 1–the job ended just as you would’ve received benefits, 2–the new listing contains no information about the length of the job or the wage range and says benefits “may or may not be available.”

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    Well, it looks like they’ve edited the posting. It started out as essentially the same one I replied to, and then it changed to a temporary and part-time job. They also cut the description in half. I guess they’ve lowered the standards of who they’ll hire.

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