Monday, November 14, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

I was recently contacted about a job that I applied for a couple weeks ago. The job is for an assistant editor at an academic journal down in Tucson, Arizona. I thought it sounded like a pretty decent job, and apparently they thought I sounded like a pretty decent candidate. They want me to come down to Tucson for an interview.

Great! Except that they won’t pay for the trip (public universities don’t have that kind of cash, I guess). And presumably, they won’t pay for an apartment-hunting trip or moving expenses if they hire me. And the job doesn’t pay the best, so I’d burn up a sizable chunk of our savings that I wouldn’t be able to replenish, especially with the Nerdling on the way.

There’s always hope of a promotion and raise, I suppose, but that was one of my reasons for taking my last job, and it turns out that even if they hadn’t laid me off, they probably never would’ve given me a raise. So I can’t count on that. But there’s also the huge tuition discount (read: practically free) to consider, but if I’m already not making much, then that’s just going to be another burden.

And, of course, there’s the fact that I’m probably slightly overqualified for the job. They’re looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree or four years of experience, and I have both. It sounds like it’s mostly typesetting, too, which can get boring pretty quickly if that’s all I’m doing all the time.

Hmm. It sounded so good at first, but the list of cons is growing larger.

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    Doesn’t sound too hot when you put it that way. Good luck in your continued search.

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    Is this organization associated with a university? It sounds like it from what you mention of tuition breaks. So in addition to the tuition break you also will be in the system. Once you are in the system you have hiring preference for anything else that you look at within that university. And which is worse, typesetting or being a lawyer?

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    Yes, it was at a university, but I told them that I wasn’t interested after all. Even if they had paid me at the high end of the scale, it wouldn’t have been much—not enough to justify all the expenses involved in moving.

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    Good call. And goodness knows that universities, being in search of furthering learning at the lowest possible expense, aren’t known for paying their student employees terribly well.

    p.s. Tell Brinestone we hope to see her join the blogging world.

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    Oh, I intend to. Problem is, I’d want a corner of this site to myself, and I’d want to customize my blog like he did. So whenever Jonathon’s computer gets working properly and things settle down a bit, maybe we’ll work on getting that put together. :)

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