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I Don’t Have Anything Funny to Say

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

I suffer from this terrible disease, the only symptom of which is that I think my life is very boring. Maybe it’s because I don’t get out much. Maybe I hang out with boring people. Or maybe it’s just that I happen to be chronically and terminally boring. And unfortunately, my condition seems to worsen when I’m unemployed and have nothing to do all day besides play computer games and surf the internet. Such activities don’t make for interesting blogging material.

Christmas was good, but it has come and gone, and now we’re into the doldrums of winter. It’s been three months since I was laid off. I’ve now spent almost as much time unemployed as I’ve spent employed since graduation. People try to act interested and sympathetic by asking if I’ve had any leads lately. To me, this is about akin to people asking “Are there any girls you like right now?” when you’re dating. Maybe there are a thousand girls you like, but it doesn’t matter unless one of them goes on a date with you.

Well, unfortunately for me, everyone’s washing their hair Friday night. I’ve had one interview offer in three months, and it was for a low-paying out-of-state job for which I was overqualified. When you define yourself largely by what you do, it feels pretty awful to be doing nothing.

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