Wednesday, February 1, 2006

My Curls! My Beautiful Curls!

As many of you already know, I used to cut my hair really, really short. I had a very good reason for this—I didn’t like my curls, and keeping my hair that short meant that I didn’t have to deal with them. However, one day Cicada said that she thought I should grow my hair out so that she and all the other girls in the world could enjoy my luscious curls. In a matter of minutes she got all the other girls in the office—and there were a lot of them—to back her up on this.

Realizing the strategic advantage this might give me in the dating world, I said I would try it for a little while and see how it went. I started getting compliments right away, proving Cicada and all my other female coworkers right: girls love curls. I’m sure my curls were instrumental in my securing a mate, and said mate hopes that Squirrel Baby will inherit the curls.

However, in the past couple years I’ve noticed something odd: my hair is getting less curly. I suppose it’s not terribly odd, actually; I started out as a curly haired baby, but by the time I started school it was mostly straight. Then, as I approahced junior-high age, it got progressively curlier—the so-called puberty perm.

For a while, I thought my straightening hair was a figment of my imagination. But then I realized that I had photo proof: a photograph I took of myself around the time I met Brinestone.

And here’s another picture I took just now:

That’s a pretty significant difference in only three years’ time. But if they disappear forever, I shall not mourn; they helped me find the love of my life, and perhaps they will help my progeny do the same for generations to come. I wonder what Darwin would have to say about the survival of the curliest.

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    Whoa. That is a big difference. No worries, though. You still have the sexy wavy look going. *swoons*

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    That *is* a big difference. But they’re still good-looking curls.

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    Oh my gosh, you’re right! And you don’t really have the “well, I live in a drier climate” excuse either, on account of you were in perhaps the driest place on EARTH when the curly pic was taken.

    Huh. Maybe you should get yourself a curl-enhancing product.

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    Porter used to have much curlier hair as well. I have wondered why it isn’t as wavy/curly now as it once was. Do adults lose curl as they age? Is it a man thing?

    I, on the other hand, have come to realize over the years that my hair is not *straight* as I always believed. It is wavy. I don’t know if it actually changed, or I have just come to accept my hair’s true nature. :D

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    I’m a freak. I keep coming back to this blog entry just to look at these pictures. I’m not that shallow. Honest. The pictures just make me happy. The combination of seeing you in two of my favorite shirts on you (Charlie Brown and Guster) and imagining you contorting yourself to get a picture of the top of your head and liking your hair makes me smile.

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    brozy: Why, thank you. :)

    Nemesis: Perhaps I should, but since Brinestone is obviously still obsessed with my curls, I think I’m probably safe for now.

    beverly: I don’t know if it’s just a guy thing or not. It’s probably hormone-related since it switched on at puberty and now seems to be going away. I know my dad’s hair used to be curlier when he was younger.

    Brinestone: You may be a freak, but I still love you.

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    It’s not just a guy thing.

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    I’m not your wife or anything, so please ask her to forgive me for saying it, but I think that your hair still looks great. I mean, REALLY great. It’s different, that’s for sure. But still really, really good. I wish I could find someone with hair like yours.

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    I think she can find it in her heart to forgive you; after all, she wouldn’t even be able to enjoy my curly hair were it not for you. And thank you for the compliment.

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    I can’t fault you for speaking the truth, Cicada.

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    I had completely straight hair that wouldn’t curl even with a curling iron emitting smoke until I was in my early twenties. Then it started changing. No idea why. Now it’s fairly curly, which I’ll admit that I like.

    Fahim has far, far, far curlier hair than me – I can put ringlets in it just by wrapping it around my finger! And yeah, he wears it past his shoulders, so… *drools*

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