Monday, February 6, 2006

There’s Baby Furniture in My Office

Suddenly it all feels a little more real than it did before.

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Jonathon Owen


5 thoughts on “There’s Baby Furniture in My Office

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    The baby swing won’t be there when the baby’s actually in the crib, by the way.

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    I need a swing in my bed. I think you should leave it in.

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    That reminds me of how my little sister and I used to talk about the bed we were going to invent someday. It had buttons you could push to dispense your favorite snacks and beverages without leaving the bed.

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    I must say that it really looks quite nice. It would be wonderful to leave the swing in the crib, but I think you’d need a bigger one.

    Brinestone: Invent away! I’d buy your product any day!

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