Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Squirrel Baby Lego Has Arrived

We checked into the hospital a little after 9:00 last night because Brinestone thought she was leaking amniotic fluid. We got checked in, and they tested the fluid and decided that this was the real deal. They started her on an oxytocin drip around midnight, and within a couple hours she was having good, hard contractions every two minutes, so they took her off the oxytocin and just let her body do its thing.

Labor and delivery all went pretty smoothly and pretty quickly (says the guy who just sat next to the bed and held her hand). They actually told her to stop pushing for a while to let her rest and to let the baby move down more on his own, and then they had her stop for a little bit again because the nurse was afraid the baby might arrive before the doctor.

The doctor arrived pretty soon after that, though, and at 6:33 we had ourselves a baby boy—7 pounds 13 ounces, 22 inches, and mostly resembling me, says Brinestone. He’s been a pretty good boy so far—he’s only really cried when they’ve been sticking him with needles and taking footprints and all that other torturous stuff.

And he really is a cutie. Pictures will follow later today.

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Jonathon Owen


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    Congrats to you and Ruth!

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    Hurrah! Congrats!

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    So…. do you know his name yet? I’m hoping you name him after me, I’m hoping you name him after me!

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    Congratulations!!! All may now rejoice!

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    Sorry, I forgot to say what his name is. I’m also sorry to say that we did not name him after you, Cicada (nor did we use your suggestion of Bowen).

    His name is Liam Gareth. I think we will mostly be referring to him as Lego (after his initials) online.

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    Glad to hear things went fairly well. Remember, J. Unless Ruth says that she wants to (and she has this option at every occurrence to do or not do), you should change *every* diaper for the next month.

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    Hey, congrats!!

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