Saturday, April 22, 2006

So I, Uh, Have a Job

This is more or less a repost from my forum, so forgive me if you’ve read it already.

If I were the type of person to use the word literally incorrectly (and if I were the type to mix metaphors), I would say that it literally fell out of a clear blue sky right into my lap. I got a call Wednesday from someone at a staffing agency that found my resume on Monster and wanted to talk to me about a desktop publishing job.

This sounded much better than the part-time copy room job I had been contacted about the day before, so I said I was interested. They wanted to fill the job right away, so I drove over to the staffing agency immediately.

Apparently I was the first person they contacted, and the client company liked my resume enough that they wanted me to start without even interviewing me or looking at any more resumes. The staffing company called me Thursday morning to let me know that the job was mine and that they wanted me to start the next day at 9:00.

It’s not my dream job (being that it’s mostly desktop publishing), but it sounds like it will involve some editing, particularly since the regular editor is out for a week and my supervisors realized from my resume that I could easily (and happily) fill in. And who knows—it might evolve into more of an editing job if they see how well I edit and decide that they want me to do more of that. And anyway, I enjoy desktop publishing and have liked my jobs the most when they’ve included both editing and desktop publishing. Plus, the pay is good, I get benefits right away, and it will probably be a contract-to-hire position, so I’m not stuck there if it doesn’t work out.

And if it doesn’t work out . . . well, at least it’ll be an extra bit of cash. But I’m hoping that it does work out.

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    Hey, that sounds pretty cool! Congrats!

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    Hey, congratulations! How is it going?

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    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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    Sweet! Congratulations.

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    I feel very strongly that I should say something other than “Congratulations”.

    Happy Feast Day of St. Pedro de San Jose Betancur!

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    Thanks, everyone. Happy Feast Day of St. Pedro de San Jose Betancur to all of you, too.

    It seems to be going pretty well so far. I’m finally getting my computer set up day. My cubicle actually has a window to the outside world.

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    So glad you have a view of the outside. That way at least you’ll know that the sun exists, even if you can’t always bask in its rays. I mean, really, at least it’s not like your stuck in some closet somewhere.

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    Looks like I won’t be able to keep my nice cubicle with its nice view. They’re moving me to a different spot on Monday. I should’ve known that it wouldn’t last.

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