Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving Up

This post is a few months overdue, but better late than never. I spent the summer unemployed while looking for work and trying to establish a freelancing business with Brinestone. We got one decent job editing a PhD dissertation, but that was about it. It was decent money, but it was incredibly stressful trying to edit with a houseful of kids who didn’t understand our need for peace and quiet while we worked. I realized pretty quickly that if we were going to make a freelancing business work, we’d need a dedicated office space, and that wasn’t going to happen without moving, and that wasn’t going to happen unless we already had a steady income.

As the summer wore on, things started to get a little more desperate. But in July a friend of mine said that his boss was interested in my resume. I sent it in, and he brought me in for an interview. They ended up hiring someone else first, but they wanted me bad enough to get approval to hire me too. I got the job offer in early August, and they wanted me to start in just over a week. I asked for an extra week so that we would have time to find a place and move. We spent three days driving up to Salt Lake and frantically looking for a place to live. We signed a contract with a week to go, and I started work the Monday after the move. I’m still kind of surprised we managed to pull it off that quickly.

I’ve been working for the LDS Church editing section, way up on the 23rd floor of the Church Office Building, for just over three months now. I’m getting used to wearing a suit every day, though I’d certainly appreciate it if they at least allowed us casual Fridays. I’m technically on a one-year contract, but there’s always a chance that a permanent position could open up in the next several months. The work isn’t always the most exciting, but it sure beats proofreading day planners all day. Plus, I work with some great people, including a friend from work at the RSC. And the view from the top’s not bad either.


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