Tuesday, January 2, 2007

So This Is the New Year

I feel like I should have something interesting to blog about right now, but I really don’t. Our Christmas in Denver was fun but mostly uneventful, as Brinestone already said. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws (including my wife’s extended family) for once again being very good to me (and thanks for all the wonderful presents, too).

Otherwise, this year feels mostly like the last one so far, though I’m optimistic that things will change. My dad’s been unemployed since April, and he just received and accepted an offer for a job in Nebraska. It’s far away, but it’s more responsibility and greater base pay than he’s ever had before, and perhaps best of all, it’s with someone he’s worked for in the past—someone who’ll appreciate him.

Like I said, I’m optimistic about my own situation as well, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’ll post more when (and if) there’s more to post.

And last and least, for those of you who don’t use feed readers and will otherwise miss it, I’ve finally gotten around to writing a new entry on my English blog. Well, to be more accurate, the new post is for those who do use feed readers, too. Technically, it’s this announcement that’s for those who don’t subscribe to the feed. I hope everything’s clear now.

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    Well, Happy New Year! Good luck to you and your dad and your situations and thanks for the heads up about a new post to your English blog.

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