Sunday, January 7, 2007

I Think My Luck Is Changing

Since quitting my last job, I’d only had one job interview, in mid-December. I think that one would’ve gone well if I hadn’t stuck my foot in my mouth early on.

Interviewer: So what kind of job are you looking for?

Me: I’d like to edit for a book publisher. I don’t like newspapers because I like to edit more in-depth.

Interviewer: Oh, really? ‘Cause we’re a lot like a newspaper.

Me [mentally]: Oh, crap.

Me [out loud]: (Makes awkward and unconvincing recovery.)

I really should’ve stopped after that first sentence. But anyway, I wasn’t terribly surprised when they didn’t call me back. Maybe it’s for the best, though: the company sounded good, but the work sounded pretty mind-numbing. Really, who wants to edit a five-hundred-page book consisting entirely of bulleted lists and images?

Last week was good to me, however. I had three interview requests in three days, which is completely unprecedented in my life. The first request came within two hours of my applying to the job, and the interview was for the next day. The second interview request came while I was in the first interview, and they also wanted to set it up for the next day. The third came while I was out running errands after the second interview, and they probably would’ve asked to set it up for the next day, but the company’s in Tucson. They sounded pretty interested, though, and wanted me to come down as soon as possible, so I’ll be flying down this week and staying overnight in the company condo. Sweet.

And while I’m trying not to get too excited about all of this, it’s hard to rein it in. I think both of my interviews last week went really well—probably my best ever—and I’ve already got a follow-up interview for the first company tomorrow. I’d like to thank Cicada for the resume advice and the very nice job lead. For the first time in a long time, my employment outlook is hopeful.

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    I’m glad to hear that your job outlook is going so well! Best of luck! :)

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    Delighted to hear it. Hope you decide to stay in Utah, though. Good luck.

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    Thanks, guys. :)

    I’d much rather stay here, too, but Arizona sounds very tempting sometimes. They said it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees this week. But maybe they’ll make me an offer that I can use to bargain with the two companies here.

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    Congrats on the interviews! I’m sure that you’ll find the right job for you.

    Isn’t it funny how so many things come in threes?

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    I actually saw on the news a couple of weeks ago that this is actually the time of year that is best for job hunting. For some reason, more companies are hiring right now.

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    I’ve heard that before too, but it certainly didn’t seem true for me last year. I believe it mostly has to do with budgets and holiday preoccupation.

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    Hey, this is totally unrelated to your post but I just discovered copies of my old fake newspaper, The Firearm, hosted through this site (which is cool with me, this isn’t some lame cease and desist) Yet I wonder and must ask . . . what’s my old fake newspaper doing hosted on your site?

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    It’s here because we think it’s hilarious. But I guess my husband can speak for himself.

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    I worked at IS back when it was going around, and I was a big fan. I had downloaded them so I could read them whenever I wanted, and sometime after your site went offline, I put them up here so that I could show them to a friend of mine. I’d sort of forgotten they were still there.

    So how did you actually find that they were here?

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    A friend was looking for it, googled my name + “the firearm” and discovered it here.

    If you go to the April 2005 and May 2005 archives on my blog there are these posts (there’s only four or five of them) where Andrew and I were laying down the behind the scenes director’s commentary on each issue. But eventually this endeavor lost steam and died.

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    Thanks. I’ll be sure to go check them out.

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