Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moving . . . Again

I really hate moving. Really, really hate moving. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have so much stuff, but it becomes a giant ordeal when you’ve got as much furniture and junk as we do. I really don’t think it’s excessive, but I’ve learned that even though we have a two-bedroom apartment, the 17-foot truck from U-Haul (which is allegedly good for 2–3 bedrooms) is too small. Looks like it’s the 24-foot household mover for us.

I think if there were any way to stay in our apartment in Salt Lake City and still attend BYU, I would. The commute would probably make me want to kill myself after the first week, and that’s not even figuring gas prices into the equation. I just did the math, and that’d be at least $40 a week just in gas. Ugh.

So we’re moving down to Utah County, and this time we won’t be living in Provo. I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about this decision. On the one hand, it’s really nice to live close enough to campus to bike or walk to class. On the other hand, apartments near campus are overpriced, especially if you want a place that has both a dishwasher and washer and dryer hookups. Also, we were both kind of sick of Provo by the time we moved away last time. It’s like an endless sea of student housing, and all the drivers are psychopaths.

We decided to look a little further from campus, and, as Brinestone has already said, we settled on a place in Spanish Fork (I’d make an obligatory Spanish Fark joke here, but I’ve never heard anyone say that for real; In fact, usually I hear locals simply call it Spanish). It’ll be a bit of a drive to campus (Google Maps says 20 minutes, but I’m going to plan on 25–30), but it’s a pretty big place for a decent price. We’ll be close enough to hang out with our friends Dan and Ashley a little more often. And it’ll feel more like a real grown-up house and not a cramped rabbit hutch of an apartment.

This will make my eighth move in seven years (if you count moving to different apartments in the same building when I was single)—even more for Brinestone if you count going home each summer. I just hope we’re able to stay in this place for two or three years.

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    Moving does indeed not fill me with anticipation of happy things. I hope you will indeed find rest from your wanderings for a season.

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    Buck up! And get used to the wind!

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    Sorry friend. Moving is the pits. This is the first summer in a really long time I’m not planning (at lest not yet) on moving.

    Good luck finding a place that works perfectly for you (and that you can stay in for as long as possible).

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    I’m sorry you have to move, but definitely not sorry about the location. I’m available to help so let me know when. Spanish Fork is a great place to live! I hope you’ll like it enough to stay for a long time.

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    Thanks! I think we’ll like it there. It looks like a great little town.

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