Saturday, May 17, 2008

Buy My Stuff! Please!

I’ve moved my store once again, thanks to Cafepress’s high prices, mediocre print quality, and incompetent customer service. Now I’ve got a store with Spreadshirt. Their prices are good and their quality is fantastic (don’t know about customer service, and hopefully I won’t have reason to find out).

I’m slowly adding new designs and expanding the selection of shirts. One of the first new ones is this one, and I’m inordinately proud of it. Now, I understand that nerdy grammar shirts are not for everyone, and I don’t want to pressure anyone into buying anything, but I will just say this: anyone who buys a shirt will have a special place in my heart forever.

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Jonathon Owen


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    I would be more likely to buy a shirt that made fun of people with poor grammar than one that makes me look like I think I have good grammar…’cause I don’t. I’ll get the ball rolling. How about, “I (heart) people who know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE”. This may not be very sophisticated, but I suppose if you’re trying to create a following among grammar elitists that I’m not your target demographic anyway. Still, I’d buy THAT shirt!

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