Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mustache Feeling

Back when I was getting ready to leave my last job and start grad school, Cicada noted that I’d have to shave off my goatee (them’s the rules at BYU). I said I wasn’t too thrilled about that, because I liked my goatee and was afraid that I’d look a lot younger if I shaved it off. And that’s when she begged me to keep just the mustache.

Uh-uh, I said. No way. Mustaches are creepy and gross. Cicada was disappointed, but I stood resolute. That is, until just over a week ago, when I suddenly found myself making a deal with my coworker Chris that we would grow mustaches for two weeks. It all happened kind of fast. He had just read that Eric Holder was chosen to be Obama’s attorney general, and I made some disparaging comment about his mustache. Chris got defensive, and then I said, “If you love mustaches so much, why don’t you grow one?” Then he said, “I will if you will,” and then we were shaking on it. When I reported this story later on my forum, Icarus said, “It sounds like you lost.” Yeah, I think I did.


. . . or did I?

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Jonathon Owen


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    Dude, lose the stache. It makes you look like a pedophile. (No offense, except for a friendly amount)

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    I know! I creep myself out every time I see my reflection. I look like I should be driving an old custom van really slow past the elementary school playground. Luckily I get to shave it off this Tuesday.

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    This has nothing to do with facial hair, but maybe you could post something on the use of the words ‘few’ or ‘less.’ Either I am vair vair confused about it, or everyone is just determined to drive me crazy about it. I had this epiphany one night…if anyone could address this issue it would be someone with a mustache…or I mean Jonathan Owen.

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    Sure, I’d love to. Though I have to warn you that I might not have time until after the semester’s over.

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    I, too, have a mustache story involving Obama. I had a dream in which I was convinced that Obama needed to grow a Chaplin/Hitler style mustache. The idea was that he would give such a mustache a positive connotation so that people would feel free to grow one without fearing that they would instantly remind others of Hitler.

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    Okay, Julie, I finally got around to answering your question (though I don’t know if you’re still checking this post). The answer is over here on my language blog.

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