Monday, November 17, 2008

A Picture Post

I’ve really been slacking in my parental duties—I haven’t posted pictures of my adorable childrens in forever. So here we go, starting with the two of them shirtless (don’t worry—they’re wearing diapers).

naked babies

Here’s Lego learning the fine art of automotive repair. No, son, don’t use a hammer! Obviously I need to show you how to use the steering wheel puller.

Lego mechanic

Duplo looking sharp in his new church outfit.

Dapper Dan

A belated Halloween picture. Lego is an elephant (same as last year, but now it actually fits him), and Duplo is an alligator (or perhaps a Danielsaur).

Halloween boys

And here’s a picture of Duplo giggling.

Duplo grin

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Jonathon Owen


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    Jonathon I loved these pictures. Some I had seen before but the giggling Daniel is new. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with your finals coming up.

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    That first shot is hilarious. Duplo is very, very serious.

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