Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updates and Whatnot

You (assuming anyone still reads my blog) are probably tired of all the posts wherein I apologize for being a slacker. So I’m just going to skip that part and get on with it.

School’s going pretty well. I’m three semesters into my master’s, and I should have two more semesters after this one. (It’s supposed to be a two-year program, but with foreign language prerequisites it takes a little longer.) The end is rapidly approaching, and I still don’t really know what my plans are afterwards. I’m still not sure if I want to make a career out of academia or if I’d rather stay in the publishing world. Unfortunately, my previous experiences in the real world of editing jobs was pretty depressing, so I’m not exactly eager to give it a second go. But on the other hand, I feel rather ambivalent about the prospect of making lesson plans, grading papers, and publishing or perishing—assuming I can land a tenure-track position in the first place.

The decision is complicated by the fact that I’m enjoying both school and work at the moment. I’m editing and designing books (or at least book guts—I haven’t really done covers yet), which is a lot of fun. Plus, everyone there seems to think I’m nearly omniscient, which is great for stroking my already-too-large ego. And as for school, what’s not to love about learning cool stuff and putting off making big decisions about one’s career?

Angst about my future aside, life is pretty good. I have a wonderful wife and two awesome little boys. And I’m sure that in the end, everything will work out alright.

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