Monday, July 7, 2014

Baby Robo

Once again, I’ve gone months without updating my blog. I don’t know if anyone is still reading this, but it’s past time for a new post. A month and a day ago today, we welcomed a new baby boy into our family. If you had no idea that we were even expecting, surprise! I guess I neglected to post about that too.

Brinestone woke me up just after 2:00 in the morning on June 6th to tell me that she was in labor. I was tempted to ask if there was any way I could go back to sleep for a few hours, but I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, and took her to the hospital because I’m just a good husband like that. It’s a good thing, too, because he came after just over three hours of labor. He was out with one big push.

Robo and Brinestone

The older boys were very excited to meet their new little brother.

El Guapo, Robo, Duplo, and Lego

It took us most of the day to settle on a name. The problem is that we’re just kind of picky about names, and there just aren’t a lot of boys’ names that fit our criteria. We’d been arguing about it for several months without really finding anything that we both liked. Brinestone had one name that she really liked, and I had one that I really liked, and there didn’t seem to be any way to compromise. I thought we were at a total impasse until she admitted that he just didn’t look like the name she liked. Then she suggested the name I liked with a different name that she really liked (one that I had vetoed when we were expecting Lego) as the middle name. We were both happy enough that we settled on it, giving him the initials RBO.

So welcome to the world, baby Robo. We’re happy to have you in our family.

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