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I Feel Like Crap

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Last night was not kind to me. I stayed up late, which was probably a big mistake on my part. When I finally did go to bed, I couldn’t sleep, and the Ambien I eventually took didn’t seem to do much for me. I woke up a few times early this morning, and when I finally woke up for real, it was with a killer headache.

Every muscle between the base of my skull and my forehead was totally clenched. I finally dragged myself out of bed and took an Excedrin, which did little for the headache but managed to give me an upset stomach (that much caffeine before breakfast is not a good idea). A while later, I took some ibuprofen, which also did little for the headache. Then I took some Tums for my stomach. I feel like a total junkie.

So here I am, feeling slightly dizzy, achy, and pukey, and wondering if maybe I’m sick. Maybe I should get off the computer and go take a nap. I realize that nobody likes reading whiny, self-centered posts like this, but that’s not stopping me from writing it.

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