Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My Job Is Sucking the Life out of Me

It really, truly is. I’ve had crappy jobs before—everyone has—but this is something different. At my other crappy jobs in the past, at least I could find joy or satisfaction in good coworkers, or good bosses, or the fact that I was good at what I did and was producing quality work.

Not so here. I just have to find some measure of solace in meeting the tight and arbitrary deadlines, or in knowing that I’m ten times more qualified than the editor and a hundred times more qualified than the other production artist. I have to find satisfaction in sending out documents that are at least superficially decent, even though they’re all a nightmare to work with and were originally designed by someone who obviously doesn’t know a thing about print publishing or web publishing. I have to amuse myself by noticing how many times my job resembles Dilbert or The Office.

It doesn’t help that in the three months I’ve been here, three people have quit because they were fed up with the idiotic and chaotic way things are run here. I only wish I could bring myself to join them, but I simply can’t afford to do that right now. But ironically, I feel so sapped at the end of the day that I don’t even have the energy to look for other jobs. Just the thought of going through that whole process again makes me tired.

So here I am, whining to the internet instead. Thanks for reading.

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Jonathon Owen


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    Sorry to hear about it, man. I haven’t decided which is worse–to be in a job you hate or to not have a job at all. Both of them suck big time as far as I’m concerned, though. :shrug:

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    So far, both of my career-path jobs have been isomorphic to Dilbert. At that point, reading Dilbert ceases to amuse you and just makes you cry.

    The “tight and arbitrary deadlines” and severly under-qualified workforce seem to be a norm for American business culture. In particular, the arbitrary deadlines and lack of plan are known as “shooting from the hip.” All I can do is sigh and enter a hypnotic neurotic state where my limbs begin to twitch.

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    And then go to grad school!

    Also, don’t forget the endless meetings to try to compensate for the lack of planning. “Maybe if we talk about it enough, we’ll figure out how to do things right!” Apparently all businesses are democracies now, where everybody has an equal say in how things should be done.

    Actually, I take that back; it’s more like an oligarchy of out-of-touch managers making decisions that the peasants have to deal with.

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    Hey, I feel your pain. Think of this, though, you’re still inside, in air conditioning. Mmmm…air conditioning.

    Things could be much, much worse. :)

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    I hope it’s getting better. : (

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    It’s not. I came within a hair’s breadth of quitting yesterday. Of course, at this point I think “quitting” and “getting better” would be roughly synonymous.

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