Monday, August 14, 2006

Lego’s Newest Tricks

Having a baby is awesome, and not just because my baby is ridiculously cute. It’s simply fascinating to watch them develop. Just about every week Lego starts making new sounds, or gets better with his hands, or something. Here are a few of his latest tricks:

  • Rolling over—both ways
  • Making bilabial trills, both voiced and voiceless
  • Grabbing toys that are lying next to him
  • Putting stuff in his mouth
  • Trying to crawl (albeit unsuccessfully)

My favorite part, of course, is watching him practice making sounds. He started with velars, then started producing coronals, and is now working on labials. I’m sure that in no time he’ll be grasping the finer points of syntax and semiotics.

And of course, what baby-themed post would be complete without insufferably cute pictures?*

*Insufferably cute pictures moved to the end of the post out of respect for the babyphobic Melyngoch.

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Jonathon Owen


9 thoughts on “Lego’s Newest Tricks

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    Wow. He looks a lot like both of you. More like you, Jon Boy, as far as I can tell. But I can see a likeness to Brinestone, too. That’s cool. He looks like a happy baby. :)

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    Lego’s great. He’s at that age where he’s both obviously a person *and* obviously new and miraculous and such, so I was sort of awe-struck seeing him.

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    Great photos!
    As to the text, I have no idea what velars, coronals, labials, or bilabial trills are, but I understand the excitement of watching a baby develop so quickly!

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    Awwwww. He’s so cute.

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    You’re a gem. I skipped over them with my eyes all squinty. And I’m sure he’ll make a wonderful contributer to society eventually.

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    What a cutie! I love his eyes — are they really that blue, or is it from the camera flash?

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    JB: He does look more like me, as far as we can tell (especially the lack of hair). I think he has Brinestone’s eyes, though.

    Braden: That’s another amazing thing—the amount of personality this kid already has.

    Farmgirl: I was just indulging in some linguistic nerditude. Don’t mind me.

    Melyngoch: And that, as they say, is why no man will ever love you.

    sarmup: They really are that blue. It’s kind of freaky.

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone. :)

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    Bilabial trills, I love it. Such big eyes!

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    I am so pround of Lego. I think I really inspire him.

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